China Unicom pays the price of 3G competition

China Unicom yesterday unveiled the damage caused by its attempts to grab

market share amid the fierce [fi əs ]( adj. 凶猛的 , 残暴的 ) competition sparked by

the start of third-generation(3G) services in China last year.

全球第二大移动运营商中国联通 (China Unicom)昨日发布的中报显示出, 其抢占市场份额的努力对其业绩造成了拖 累。中国去年启动 3G 服务后,引发了激烈 的竞争。

The world ’ s second-largest mobile operator said its net profit dropped 62 per cent in the first half

year-on-year (adj. [经 ]与上年同期数字相 比的 ) after it spent more than half its mobile revenue on marketing measures including subsidies [ˈs ʌbsidi ](n. 津 贴 , 补助 金 ) for devices such as the iPhone.

联通表示,今年上半年净利润同比下 降 62%, 原因是它花费了一多半的移动业务 收入来实施各种营销举措,其中包括对 iPhone 等设备进行补贴。

As Unicom has struggled to keep up with its two competitors in the pace of picking up new high-end (高 端 )

subscriber s [s əb ˈskraib ə]( n.捐款人 ; 预 约者 ) , the company is suffering most

from the fierce competition in the 3G segment.

联通高端用户的增速一直难以赶上它 的两个竞争对手,它在 3G 领域的竞争激烈 中受影响最大。

China Mobile, the world ’ s largest 全球最大的移动运营商——中国移动